How you too can lose your fear of spirits

Apr 22, 2021

Forget the scary movies and horror stories…meeting a spirit can be a cool experience!

Not many people talk about it, but there are spirits all around us. Relatives, friends, and random strangers. What if there’s really nothing to be afraid of?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been able to see and hear people who have passed over. Quite often, these spirits wanted me to pass on messages to their loved ones. About normal things that were important to them but made little sense to me.

For instance, the spirit of a relative asked me to pass on some information about a property they had overseas. As a little girl, I’d no idea what he was talking about. Thankfully, my aunty did!

A gamechanger

Different pieces of information from the other side came to me spontaneously. I couldn’t control it. Since I didn’t have any tools or guidance about what to do with it all, I began shutting the messages out. And for a while, my awareness of the spirit world was less...

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Are you brave enough to choose the life you love?

Sep 22, 2020

Do you secretly desire to do something amazing with your life, but haven’t dared to choose it or even speak about it with anyone?

Quite often, we hide what we truly desire even from ourselves thinking we don’t deserve it or that it’s too much to ask for.
I get it because most of my life has been about working hard to get results with my business. As for having fun and enjoying life? That wasn’t a priority for me.
The gift of COVID was that I suddenly had lots of free time. Almost every day I went into nature, either to the ocean or visiting a park where there are beautiful trees. Those simple things totally changed my energy, I became excited about life and living again.
Be aware of how your day-to-day activities make you feel because when you feel amazing, everything expands. Your whole life becomes greater and filled with richness and you start attracting other joyful things. It doesn’t have to be super expensive either.
Here are some simple questions you...

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Using challenges as a springboard for success

Sep 04, 2020

For many people in business, COVID has been a massive reality check about where they’re limiting themselves based on fear and also a time for re-assessing priorities. What if, instead of trying to hold on to the old ways, we used this period as a springboard for future success?

From the time I was 19 I’ve worked hard to make my business successful. Whilst I enjoy styling hair, the business always came first and I only allowed myself to have fun after all the work was done.

When COVID took me out of the hair salon, I got to spend my days doing what was truly enjoyable for me. This got me excited about life and business again. I started exploring what I could choose that I hadn’t chosen before.
One of my favourite business tools to use daily is from Access Consciousness. Every day I destroy and uncreate my business and how I functioned with my business in the past.
The beauty of this tool is it keeps me on the creative edge. I don’t hold onto old baggage, but...

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