How you too can lose your fear of spirits

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2021

Forget the scary movies and horror stories…meeting a spirit can be a cool experience!

Not many people talk about it, but there are spirits all around us. Relatives, friends, and random strangers. What if there’s really nothing to be afraid of?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been able to see and hear people who have passed over. Quite often, these spirits wanted me to pass on messages to their loved ones. About normal things that were important to them but made little sense to me.

For instance, the spirit of a relative asked me to pass on some information about a property they had overseas. As a little girl, I’d no idea what he was talking about. Thankfully, my aunty did!

A gamechanger

Different pieces of information from the other side came to me spontaneously. I couldn’t control it. Since I didn’t have any tools or guidance about what to do with it all, I began shutting the messages out. And for a while, my awareness of the spirit world was less intense.

How often do we ignore and block our talents and capacities, especially if they’re considered weird, in order to fit in and be normal?

As I grew older and became more comfortable in my skin, there came a time when I wanted to access all my abilities. Not just the ones that are considered good and correct by other people.

This was the start of a fascinating journey where I studied different modalities and looked for ways to unlock my capacities.

Once I discovered Access Consciousness® and went to Talk to the Entities classes, I became super comfortable with spirits and entity awareness. It expanded my world. Literally, there is no fear.

Power and potency

One of the things I learned early on in Access is that fear is not real. But people will use it to cover their potency and to avoid what they could choose in life.

When you no longer are afraid, it becomes a game-changer and you step into a whole new space of self-knowledge.

Quite often, the spirits you meet aren’t there for you. I remember walking into a hair salon when I was working as a colour technician and becoming aware of a lady’s husband, whose spirit was around her. Since I hadn’t met her yet, I didn’t know he’d recently passed away. Yet there he was, a strong presence in the salon.

Spirit awareness is energetic. It’s as subtle as a whisper. When you allow that whisper into your world, it becomes hard to ignore.

In my encounters with the spirit world, I often ask myself: What am I aware of? Asking a question is empowering because so much information is available once you open that door.

Taking charge

It’s important to remember that spirits can have their agendas. Yet nothing is more powerful than us unless we allow it. We are always in charge.

At one point, we lived in a house where the spirit of a lady hung around. She would play with the lights or do funny things to get my attention. Eventually, I got her to leave the house as I’d had enough. Spirits, curses, judgements, none of that is greater than you.

I meet people who fear their capacity to perceive entities. They say they’re too scared to communicate with spirits. How is that different from having a talent for singing or being great at sports?

What if entity awareness was your special gift?

The very thing you think is wrong about you is usually your greatest strength. So, don’t make fear an excuse for refusing to be in your power.

I’m very grateful for the tools of Access that have allowed me to embrace my natural awareness of the spirit world. I’m empowered with who I am.

What if you too didn’t have to be afraid of anything and could choose to embrace all your capacities?


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