I would love to share my story with you and invite you to create a life that is truly joyful and greater than you've imagined is possible.

As a young girl growing up in Sydney, Australia, I realised that most of the people around me were either settling for a life that was normal or slightly better than normal.

For me, normal was never an option.

What if the purpose of life is about choosing things that create a space of magic for you and that's the fun of life?

This zest for living meant I left school super early, to start a hairdressing apprenticeship. At 20, I started my first business and to this day run a successful business.

From a young age, I’ve had psychic abilities and was highly aware of the future. This wasn't always comfortable and I tried different modalities to make sense of it all.

Five years ago, I was introduced to the Access Bars and almost instantaneously noticed a huge change. I was free from all the incessant thoughts that made me think I was going crazy.

Using the tools of Access not only has made business and relationships easy, but it has also helped me to move beyond many limitations and have fun with my life again.
One of my favourite tools is asking, what else is possible? I use that every day!
With having an extravagant life, many people let the money they have decide what they will or won’t choose. If something is way too much, they won't even consider it as a possibility.

Extravagance is not about how much money you have. It's about choosing what will create more for you and waiting for the time when you can create it or have it.
Everything I ask for shows up, usually once I've got out of the way and given up trying to control things!

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What if you asked for way too much? What would your life be like then?
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