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My name is Joanne Papapetros, mom of an incredible son and wife of a wonderful husband.

People call me Jo. Lover of lightness & joy, x-people pleaser, and dreamer of a much kinder world. Through hardships, trial and error, a quest for inner freedom began. A seed was planted. From thereon grew the desire to stop giving myself up and learn to be true to myself and shine my kinda sparkle in the world.

Soon my holistic practice based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia and online was born while I continued building and growing my business Shine Hair Salon!

I love questioning, facilitating and empowering myself & others with more possibilities with the tools of Access Consciousness. I’m on a mission to change the ideals of an invented beauty industry by changing the way people see themselves.

As an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, I offer private sessions, access bars and access body process treatments & classes.

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What is Access Consciousness?

Access Consciousness is a superkind holistic therapy combined with self-development tools. 

It assists with deep relaxation, excessive thinking, other problematic behaviors and symptoms that stem from how we unconsciously think about ourselves, our bodies, and life. When you are more relaxed, present and vulnerable, you can discover what is true for you. You get to access the vitality and ability to make the choices that will help heal and create sustainable, dynamic change.  

I used to be an insomniac myself and found it hard to sleep while nitpicking over every little detail, letting the worry and anxiety take over. This therapy assisted my body and me in recognizing when I'm overthinking and being able to shift it. 

Access Consciousness assists you to be more of yourself and helps you identify, discover and be your authentic you.

When receiving treatment, nothing has to be verbally said, though you can. While you receive a session, it realigns you and your body. It helps fall apart what is not true for you. You can experience such a deep relaxation, you get to be more of yourself with each session. 

Most people tend to be quite busy. If you are a (highly) sensitive person, it is really easy to get into excessive worrying, over-caring, getting lost in overworking and being anxious about all of it, etc. It is so easy to get distracted and lose yourself in the rat race called life. 

With the tools of Access Consciousness and the treatments, you can achieve a sense of deeper peace and space that allows you to see everything more clearly. You start to relax way more through life and get to be more present and kind to yourself and your body. 

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