Are you brave enough to choose the life you love?

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2020

Do you secretly desire to do something amazing with your life, but haven’t dared to choose it or even speak about it with anyone?

Quite often, we hide what we truly desire even from ourselves thinking we don’t deserve it or that it’s too much to ask for.
I get it because most of my life has been about working hard to get results with my business. As for having fun and enjoying life? That wasn’t a priority for me.
The gift of COVID was that I suddenly had lots of free time. Almost every day I went into nature, either to the ocean or visiting a park where there are beautiful trees. Those simple things totally changed my energy, I became excited about life and living again.
Be aware of how your day-to-day activities make you feel because when you feel amazing, everything expands. Your whole life becomes greater and filled with richness and you start attracting other joyful things. It doesn’t have to be super expensive either.
Here are some simple questions you could ask every day:

  • What could I add to my life to have way too much fun?
  • What can I choose that would create more joy than I thought possible?
  • What grand and glorious adventures can I create today?
  • Universe, show me something beautiful...

Some people use money as an excuse not to choose what they’d like to. But if they had to spend that money on a child, they wouldn’t hesitate. As for spending on themselves? Forget it, that makes them feel guilty and uncomfortable.
What would your life be like if you no longer functioned from guilt with money?

Remember, money follows joy, not misery.
I recently heard a story about someone who lost $1.5million in a single property development. His point of view was, “OK, let’s move on to the next one.”
He didn’t judge that losing the money as bad and wrong, because he knew it wasn’t going to be the last thing he chose in life!
Every judgment is a lie.
Before I discovered the tools of Access, I judged everything about me as wrong. Everything.
Functioning from judgment is so disempowering.
What I’ve since realised is that every judgment is a lie. It’s not real. Behind the judgment is the gift of you, if you’re willing to have it.
What if from this day on you committed to finding the gift of you? Beyond the judgments and lies.
There are certain things you’ll have to give up. You’d have to give up acting pathetic and let go of the lies you tell yourself.
No more stories. No more blaming anybody else. Just choose and increase your awareness. If you chose something that didn’t work out, guess what? Now you’re more aware than before. Still not wrong!

And if you’re worried about what other people think, I hate to break this to you, but everybody is much too interested and invested in their own lives to pay attention to what you’re doing.
There’s only one person who can stop you.
It’s not your partner or your children. It’s YOU.
If you’re not living the life you desire, the only person you’re letting down is yourself.
So be willing to honour you by creating a life where you get to be the chooser. In so doing you will show the ones you love, what it means to honour them.

What if you could be the space that teaches others to create their lives in a way that’s honouring to them?


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