Using challenges as a springboard for success

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2020

For many people in business, COVID has been a massive reality check about where they’re limiting themselves based on fear and also a time for re-assessing priorities. What if, instead of trying to hold on to the old ways, we used this period as a springboard for future success?

From the time I was 19 I’ve worked hard to make my business successful. Whilst I enjoy styling hair, the business always came first and I only allowed myself to have fun after all the work was done.

When COVID took me out of the hair salon, I got to spend my days doing what was truly enjoyable for me. This got me excited about life and business again. I started exploring what I could choose that I hadn’t chosen before.
One of my favourite business tools to use daily is from Access Consciousness. Every day I destroy and uncreate my business and how I functioned with my business in the past.
The beauty of this tool is it keeps me on the creative edge. I don’t hold onto old baggage, but rather look at every day as if it were a fresh beginning and a chance to look at my business, clients, andinances etc. differently.
This allows me to ask new questions of myself and the universe. Questions such as, what are the possibilities of having a greater reality with business and having way too much fun and joy?
Every time you ask a question you will receive information and awareness. Either you will meet the right people, or someone will show up to answer your question in a seemingly random way. As long as you’re willing to let things show up and not control it!
So even though COVID contributed to business slowing down, it also opened more doors. I’m facilitating more classes and working with people who desire to go beyond their limitations. I’m doing less work in the salon, which wasn’t something I chose before.
But what about the money?
I see a lot of businesspeople limiting themselves because they’re functioning from fear. They wonder where the money will come from―I get it.
For me gratitude is a huge key. Being grateful for each and every dollar that shows up.
And also recognising that fear is not real. If you never functioned from fear and looked for what could contribute to your business, what would you choose? Obviously I’m not going to walk away from a business I’ve spent years building up. Now I’m asking
for somebody greater than me, who cares for my clients and business to show up so that the business can also be greater.
You put your life, and your business, on hold whenever you’re not willing to demand something greater.
I noticed this years ago. Every time I went away on holidays, my business suffered. Not only were there fewer clients, the person that worked for me would have an accident or there would be some other misadventure!

Eventually I realised that I was limiting my business by my points of view that it was hard work and serious and I was the only one who could get it right!
It’s so easy to get caught up with working super hard and forget to include having lots of fun. So now I love to include joy in business. That way it doesn’t feel like you’re working hard even when you’re accomplishing a lot. Rather, you’re doing what you enjoy and making money with that.

What would your life be like if you no longer functioned from fear? And what choices would you make in business if you functioned from way too much fun?


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