"Meeting Jo was such a relief, suddenly there was someone opening doors to something more, something different. She showed me how to walk into consciousness and how easy it was to choose for ME, and in doing so, I gave up doing this reality. I gave up the drama, trauma and hardships. Now I have more awareness, more clarity and consciousness. In making my choices, I'm having way more fun and much more joy. I’m still learning and asking for more, and when I buy into crap that doesn’t belong to me, Jo whips my butt, keeping me out of distraction and in creation. So grateful for her and the magic she truly is."

Suzi ♥️

"I am so grateful to you Jo for being the Magic that has given me so much more of ME. First, I did my Bars then Foundation with you and like WOW it has literally changed my World! Something has definitely shifted in my World, and now I see it through different eyes so grateful for the gift you are lovely Lady!"

Juliana NSW

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